Incoloy Alloy Screw-In Style Water Heater Elements

Model DI With Gasket (Screw Plug For Screw-In Style)

 These water heater elements are a commercial-grade diameter of .315” and have a nickel-based alloy sheath, called incoloy.  Incoloy is more resistant to corrosion and has a higher temperature threshold compared to standard water heater elements with copper or plated-copper elements.

Copper and plated-copper elements, when operating in free-air (not covered in water) or when being used in mineral-heavy water containing lime or sulphur (hard water), can be expected to fail in a short time.

Therm Coil’s incoloy elements are a possible solution to both of these problems, as they will last longer in free-air and are less likely to overheat when immersed in mineral-heavy water, which is not unusual to find in many areas. 

Our available incoloy replacements are our our DI models, which are screw-in mount type with 1” NPSM screw plug (straight threaded), and our BI models, which are bolt-on style with the 2-1/2” standard square flat flange.

Our DI models may also be used with Adapt-A-Flange kits for special mounting applications.

DI Screw in water heating Element
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DI Screw in water heating Element
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